Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well Alright Then.

No blog yesterday, but it wasn't my fault, I swear. My internet crapped out and I was unable to blog. It's all good, though, because there was nothing new to report. Actually, my plan was just to post the Beyonce song "Ego" because that song is amazing. Not the version with Kanye on it. I dig Kanye, but that verse is terrible.

I just got back from the studio where Sentence and I completely finished the vocals for the 9th project. It feels maaaaaaaaaaaaaad good. I almost skipped to the train when we were done. Shit sounds great too. Fixed up a couple lines, rewrote some weak lines, rapped with more purpose here and there. No bourbon this time, Momma. Just focused people getting a job done.

Next up is getting the cuts on it. Like I mentioned before, getting the legend Kid Capri is an option. There is also another, equally exciting option that we are trying to figure out. I will keep that option secret, though. Just so I can feel special.

We are scrapping the White Stripes mash-up idea. It's too hard to mash up our EP. Plain and simple. I think the idea now is to do something along the lines of the Business Casual project me and Sentence were involved with (along with our good friends Domer, Kats, and BrokeMC) and rap over some of our favorite indie rock songs. Any suggestions?

By the way, you can check out that Business Casual project (which was dope -- Domer did all the production) along with a bunch of other fantastic free music HERE!

In a good mood. Feeling good. Lady had baked ziti waiting for me when I got back from the studio. It was delicious. Excited tomorrow is already Thursday.

Hope everyone else is doing well too.


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  1. Can't wait to hear the 9th stuff...very exciting! Also...Smut is almost done remixing Business Casual with's like wow!