Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Blog. Yup, Yup, We Blog.

So we got into the studio tonight and went over the vocals to the EP with 9th, as was planned. Saw Sentence for the first time in a second, which was great. Kid had been on a crazy work grind for a bit, but all that is over with.

We indulged in some Bourbon (and Hennessey, haha) and did our thing. There's not much for us to do on our end -- just make sure everything is exactly how we want it. And it's fun work. Like I've mentioned, after a long time handling other areas of the Metermaids business, etc., it's been nice recently to get back to creating and making music.

The plan is to get back up again next Wednesday and finish everything up for good, at least as far as what we can do.

Meanwhile, there is so much other shit to do. We are going to try and shoot a video for a song off the EP, which obviously takes a ton of planning. If anyone knows a dope director who's down to shoot on the cheap holler at your boys. We are also trying to get our online-store-steelo more on point. We've got new dope tiger-logo shirts (the exact same logo at the top of the blog), but we are trying to get a few more designs printed up. We are thinking to design an over-the-shoulder bag and then sell packages -- like, for $30 bucks we will throw a t-shirt and a bunch of CD's in the bag. BAM. Commerce yo. Straight commerce.

We will stay working on the mash-up, which is exciting. At the same time we are starting to work on more new music. I feel manic. Lots of ideas, lots of shit to do. Feels good. No more January chain-smoking lazy.

I'm not a praying man, but my thoughts go out to the people of Haiti. The news coverage has been devastating. So, so unfair. I get paid tomorrow, and then I'll be able to send some money to the charities that are already holding it down.

On a happier note, do yourselves a favor and go check out Domer and Kats' new project "Bohemian Rap CD" -- the first song is at HipHopLinguistics (what up Nat!). You can check it out HERE! Shit is amazing.

Hope everyone is good.


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