Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10,000 Miles.

I've been working as a dog walker in New York for the past five years. With the exception of tours, and vacations (two real vacations in five years), I have been walking walking walking.

I average about ten miles a day.

In my boredom today, I did a little math. I figured out that I probably walk around 2,000 miles a year. So, after five years of walking, I have probably walked close to 10,000 miles. I tweeted this fact today, and my sister tweeted back that, if I had walked that distance straight, I could have made it to Darwin, Australia by now. I'd be 2,000 full miles past Hong Kong. (I didn't check my sister's facts. But she is a lot smarter than me, so, you know).

The weird part is that I am back in the same neighborhood I was when I started this job. 10,000 miles to get back to where you started. Walking the same streets, thinking the same thoughts, hoping to catch the same breaks. It's been tough, realizing all of this. I have been in a funk recently. A baaaaaad fuuuuuuunk.

In these blogs, I don't mean to complain. These aren't a cry for help. I'm a hopeful person, which is probably why my experiences in the music business have been so devastating. I realized when I started that the next couple of months were going to bring about a bunch of serious life changes. I just want to document, if only for myself, each day as it passes, honestly. Yesterday I was too upset to blog. I am upset today, but feeling better.

I am tired of being one of the poorest people I know. And I am tired of leaving important matters of my life in other peoples' hands. And I'm just tired, in general. I feel all 10,000 miles of it -- my feet, my knees, my back. My body hurts every single morning when I wake up. And there are people who work a lot harder than me, for a lot less.

I know it's gonna change soon though. Change gon' come. Oh yes it will.

Stine sent over his first draft of a mix for the 9th project tonight. Sounds good. Little tweeking and it's there. He could mix all day and all night and it wouldn't be fast enough for me right now. I'm the least patient person of all time. He, on the other hand, is a very patient person with me.

So is my baby.

We also are in negotiations with a legendary DJ to do the cuts for the EP. I'm superstitious, so I won't mention his name until everything is ironed out.

I'm smoking too much -- back to around a full pack a day. What a vicious cycle smoking is at $10 a pack.

More tomorrow.

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