Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We in Providence Tomorrow Night With Prayers for Atheists!

We will be at AS220 in Providence tomorrow night with Prayers for Atheists.

Now, PFA kicks fucking ass. We have played a bunch of shows with them in NYC, but this will be our first time in front of their peoples in their hometown. We are mad excited.

Here is their incredible video (Directed by Prolyphic!) for Bike Song:

And, in case anyone wasn't aware of this, Jared Paul is the front man of PFA. The same Jared Paul we featured on our song Shades Off.

Here is all of us rocking the song for the first time at Arlene's a while back:

We are mad excited, son. Hope to see you there.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent Beat Calendar 2009.

So, every Christmas season for the past three years, Matt Stine (who has produced all of Metermaids's music and is the head honcho at 27 Sound) has put together an "Advent Beat Calendar."

My family always had an advent calendar when I was growing up. I loved them. It was a fun way to count the days down. And Matt has made something that is now fun for adults in the same way. Especially adults who love hip hop. Over the past few years a number of our songs have been created out of beats Matt made for this calendar. So I always listen closely. Haha.

This year marks the first that Matt has used solely an MPC to make these beats, too. So something new.

Anyway, it's fun to check in every day and hear some new music.


Providence this Wednesday. More on that tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ooh Child.




Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DeBlog Jam.

So, while we were in NC with 9th he put us on to these video blogs that he and his man E. Jones do that they call DeBlog Jams -- and they're incredible. E. Jones is a super talented dude. Producing, video directing, etc.

Anyway, these blogs are pretty incredible and I recommend people look them up on YouTube if you have a bunch of hours to spare. Once you watch one you'll probably end up watching like six of them, which is exactly what I just did.

Here's a taste:

Good stuff happening right now. Feeling good. A little overwhelmed, but good. You'd rather be overwhelmed than bored right? Right.