Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OurStage Alternative Hip Hop Sampler.

Featuring, of course, Metermaids!

Shit is dope.

Check it out HERE!

I went to my first ever jury duty today. Read "The Sun Also Rises" cover to cover while waiting in the freezing, freezing cold room. I literally had to pull my arms inside my shirt like a little kid.

Never even got to the questions part. They just sent everyone home at 3:30. See you in eight years, legal system!

Love, Metermaids.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Full Arlene's Set in Video Form (Thanks Natty!)

Once again big thanks to Natty. We're going to have to put her on the payroll soon.

Anyway, here is our set from Thursday, song by song, in video form:

Blackout, Baby

Risk You Run

Shades Off w/ Jared Paul

Turn the Lights Out

Funk Terrorist

Don't Sleep

Two Rows of Teeth vs. Thriller

Planes Down

(Thanks again Natty)

Love, Metermaids.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arlene's Grocery with Prayers for Atheists Recap.

So, it was my birthday show, and it ruled.

Mad people came out to support, which obviously felt really good, and Prayers for Atheists were down from Providence on the first night of their tour.

PFA jumped shit off at like nine thirty, and fucking killed it. I think that most people's experience with this band is not knowing what to really expect from them -- is it punk? Is it rap? I think the answer is it's a little bit of everything. And not in a shitty, "switching back and forth between influences on different songs" type of way. PFA's music makes perfect organic sense.

Here they are performing "Men in Control"

So PFA jumped shit off proper, and the spot was packed when we took the stage.

Our set went like this:

1. Blackout, baby (first time we performed it ever -- it's on "Smash Smash Bang")
2. Risk You Run
3. Shades Off w/ Jared Paul

4. Turn the Lights Out
5. Funk Terrorist
6. Don't Sleep
7. Thriller vs. Two Rows of Teeth

8. Planes Down

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday show. Much love to everyone who came out and to PFA. Good luck on your tour, y'all.

Love, Metermaids.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Should be a ton of fun.

Hope to see you there.

Love, Metermaids.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow Is My Birthday.

Yay for me.

This year has been, without a doubt, the toughest of my life. And I have had some shitty years. It was crazy to go over in my head the list of awful things that have happened this year, both in my personal life and in the world at large. It seems like the previous year showed a lot of promise, and a million exciting possibilities, and this year saw a lot of those possibilities fade. I wish I had a better word for it than fade, but fade still works.

I was getting sad earlier this week, thinking about how unsettled everything still is for me. I would love to have an indication, at this point, as to what I will be doing with my life. No such luck though.

Today I have been trying to think about tomorrow as the beginning of the next chapter. The last chapter sucked a tremendous amount. This one can't be that bad, right?

Let's hope so. Big show Thursday. Hope to see some people there.

Love, Metermaids.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rock the Bells at Jones Beach.

Here was our experience, kind of.

Sage hooked us up with four free passes. So it was me, Sentence, and our beautiful ladies on a very nice Sunday. Holler at your hip hop festival.

I spent the whole time at the Paid Dues Stage. So I saw:


Buckshot and KRS

MOP (who fucking killed it)

Sage Francis and B. Dolan

And we bounced while Slaughterhouse was jumping on stage.

Awesome blog post, Sean.

Thanks yo!

Love, Metermaids.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Eyedea and Abilities - Thoughts?

I saw this pop up on some message boards:

Eyedea and Abilities "Spin Cycle" Live

Easily 90% of the talk about this shit has been negative. On message boards, the YouTube comments, etc. Most people really don't like it. There have also been mad comments about how Eyedea looks, which is hilarious. People are heated he has long hair. He looks "emo." Same shit people are throwing at Cage. It's kind of amazing that someone letting their hair grow out can really upset their fans.

I guess it's the reverse of when Metallica cut their hair off as a group.

I have never really been a fan of Eyedea and Abilities' records. I really hated First Born. There is not a single song I like on that record. I liked a couple of songs on E&A. This is just my opinion. They are both exceptionally talented people, and I know a bunch of people who really dig both records.

I love the beat in "Spin Cycle." I think it's fantastic. I have never heard a hip hop beat that sounds like that before. Eyedea obviously cannot really sing. The singing sounds horrible in this video. I bet on record it sounds a lot better. My singing sounds a lot better on record too.

Regardless, I've watched this video a bunch of times today. It's at least exciting that they are trying something different, right?

Whaddya think?

Love, Metermaids.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flier for July 23rd Show with Prayers for Atheists.

Sentence did this. I think it's pretty incredible.


Love, Metermaids.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Southpaw Show with Styles P Mention in Brooklyn Vegan.

I love Brooklyn Vegan. It's a great blog.

Anyway, they mentioned our show with Styles P at Southpaw in August, and even gave us a nice little write-up.

You can check it out HERE

The funniest shit is the lone comment that someone added.

We do sometimes rock a hip hop cover of "Baby Beluga." So there, anonymous internet person.

Love, Metermaids.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hope Everyone Had a Good 4th.

I did, for sure.

Lots of exciting stuff happening in Metermaids world, which I will get into later this week.

In the meantime, though -- My cousin Aaron and his fiancee Degan asked me and another friend of theirs that sings, Nina, to play a song for their first dance as a married couple (I will play guitar). They chose the Dylan song "Make You Feel My Love," which is a beautiful, beautiful song.

Degan clued me into the Adele version, which is really fucking good. She sings her ass off. I figured I would share it with the blog world, because I'm sure mad other people have slept on this like I did.

So here it is:

Happy Sundays.

Love, Metermaids.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Set From Tuesday In Video Form.

Shouts to NattyNight -- she also got our whole set from Brooklyn Hip Hop uploaded to YouTube.

Anyway, here is our whole set, one clip at a time, if you want to see how fucking fun Tuesday at Crash Mansion was. I will post them in chronological order, so that it's almost like you were there!

The only thing these videos do not really show is how unreal the sound was in Crash Mansion. The sound man there is on his job something fierce, and it was up there with the best sound we have ever had at a NYC club show.

Here was our set:

Risk You Run

Shades Off

Turn the Lights Out

The Inside

Funk Terrorist

Planes Down

Fun, fun, fun night.

Exciting things happening.

Love, Metermaids.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Night was Amazing.

For reals.

There was a big crowd in the spot that was ready to throw down. We were the first group on, and we brought the ruckus. They filmed the whole thing, and word on the street is that we might be able to get our grubby fingers on it. If we do, obviously we will throw it up here.

The other groups on the bill also kicked ass. It was a great night. Damon Dash was in the house making moves. Our favorite DJ Technician was in the spot, killing shit in between sets on the tables.

The best part of the night for us, though?

After we soundchecked, we rolled outside to smoke some butts. We were bullshitting when this cool cat in a Yankee fitted rolled up on us. He looked mad familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. He told us he was feeling the music during the check, which was mad cool. And then he introduced himself -- Ski Beatz.

Now, no disrespect to Premier, Dilla, any of the great hip hop producers throughout history -- Ski is my absolute favorite. I kind of geeked on him, actually. But for reals, "Feelin' It" is my favorite hip hop song of all time. "Reasonable Doubt" is probably my favorite hip hop album of all time, and Ski produced all of my favorite joints on that album. So you can imagine how completely geeked I was to finally meet dude. And for him to tell us he was feeling our style was incredible.

I think the plan is to put some work in with him, which, if it happened, means I can die a happy man. We'll keep you updated.

Here are some of my favorite Ski joints:

Camp Lo -- Lucini

Jay Z -- Feelin It

Jay Z -- Dead Presidents

Here's Ski with the making of Dead Presidents

Those are literally the tip of the iceberg with this man. Unreal.

Good times.

Love, Metermaids.