Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Eyedea and Abilities - Thoughts?

I saw this pop up on some message boards:

Eyedea and Abilities "Spin Cycle" Live

Easily 90% of the talk about this shit has been negative. On message boards, the YouTube comments, etc. Most people really don't like it. There have also been mad comments about how Eyedea looks, which is hilarious. People are heated he has long hair. He looks "emo." Same shit people are throwing at Cage. It's kind of amazing that someone letting their hair grow out can really upset their fans.

I guess it's the reverse of when Metallica cut their hair off as a group.

I have never really been a fan of Eyedea and Abilities' records. I really hated First Born. There is not a single song I like on that record. I liked a couple of songs on E&A. This is just my opinion. They are both exceptionally talented people, and I know a bunch of people who really dig both records.

I love the beat in "Spin Cycle." I think it's fantastic. I have never heard a hip hop beat that sounds like that before. Eyedea obviously cannot really sing. The singing sounds horrible in this video. I bet on record it sounds a lot better. My singing sounds a lot better on record too.

Regardless, I've watched this video a bunch of times today. It's at least exciting that they are trying something different, right?

Whaddya think?

Love, Metermaids.

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