Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow Is My Birthday.

Yay for me.

This year has been, without a doubt, the toughest of my life. And I have had some shitty years. It was crazy to go over in my head the list of awful things that have happened this year, both in my personal life and in the world at large. It seems like the previous year showed a lot of promise, and a million exciting possibilities, and this year saw a lot of those possibilities fade. I wish I had a better word for it than fade, but fade still works.

I was getting sad earlier this week, thinking about how unsettled everything still is for me. I would love to have an indication, at this point, as to what I will be doing with my life. No such luck though.

Today I have been trying to think about tomorrow as the beginning of the next chapter. The last chapter sucked a tremendous amount. This one can't be that bad, right?

Let's hope so. Big show Thursday. Hope to see some people there.

Love, Metermaids.

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