Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm So Tired.

Good Thursday.

Stine is on his game, Sentence is on his game. I actually don't really have anything to do. We are planning on getting up in the studio again on Saturday to keep it moving.

It was snowing crazy hard in Brooklyn when I was walking to the train. But when I got into Manhattan there wasn't any snow on the ground. And when I got back to Brooklyn there wasn't any snow either. Like it never happened at all. Kind of a metaphor for how this week has gone. Not that I dislike snow. But, you know.

Had a great talk with my boss this morning. Feel much better about my work situation.

Things are feeling much better overall.

I think I mentioned it in an earlier blog, but I think we are going to try and put together an EP of us doing the rappity rap over Arcade Fire's "Funeral," which is another one of my favorite albums. So I guess I will get to work finding the right songs to rock over.

Any suggestions?

We also got a couple of shows coming up, which is tight. We haven't played in a while. I will be updating the websites and stuff with the dates soon.

I slept on 30 Rock for too long. That show is incredible.

I won't be blogging tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone.


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