Monday, January 18, 2010

Be Correct.

So, just to let heads know -- when I say blog everyday, that don't mean weekends kiiiiiid. No F, Sat., or Sun. blogs. That's a personal rule.

I went over to Sentence's tonight and we shot some footage on the flip cam for a little promo-video we are putting together for the 9th project when we decide to roll it out. It was mad fun. We drove around Bushwick in circles and shot a bunch of us just bullshitting in the car. Sentence just sent out the first little draft of the video and it looks dope. This flip cams are not to be slept on. So tiny, yet so so good at what they're supposed to do.

It was funny looking back at the footage we took during our time in NC (we will be releasing it all at some point) -- it's been a couple months since we were down there, and it's amazing how much you can forget. More than anything, though, watching the footage I realized how much fun we had down there and how good of a dude 9th is. We spent much time just joking around and talking. Obviously we made a bunch of music too. But my favorite memories of the experience are just hanging out in the studio and bullshitting.

Also, Sentence put together some new designs for some shirts and bags we want to press up soon. I figured I would share them here. If people are reading this blog and dig, or don't dig, or have constructive criticisms, whatever, that's cool. Let us know before we spend the money to print this ish up. I think they are seriously dope.

Here's a bag design idea:

And here's a shirt:

And here's another shirt:

Whaddya think?


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