Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Republic of Loose.

BAM. I would have to say that my favorite band that I discovered in 2009 was Republic of Loose. We share a manager, and had the opportunity to open a couple of shows for them when they came to NYC (they're from Ireland) last year around this time. They were fantastic live, and it got me to go back and check out a bunch of their stuff. It has been what I have listened to the most consistently this year. You can ask my baby. She makes fun of me for listening to them so much. (We sing I Like Music to each other all the time though).

My love for Loose has spread to a bunch of my peoples too. When my sister moved into her new apt. in Harlem we played Loose the whole time, and it was rad.

I have posted their "I Like Music" video on this blog a bunch of times, but I am going to again, because it is amazing. I am also going to post a bunch of their other shit that I bump all the time to get me in a good mood. I suggest, if you are reading this, that you check them out. Your house parties will never be the same.

I Like Music

The Steady Song

The Ritual

23 Things I Don't Like

You Know It

Them's the jams sonions.


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