Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yellow Tape Y'all.

The second single off of our Hello Mixtape mixed by DJ Rob Swift leaked today. It's called "Yellow Tape," and it's a remix of Grizzly Bear's song "Two Weeks," which is another song we enjoy greatly.

Once again the interwebs have been kind to us -- we are thankful to the blogs that have posted about it, the people who have downloaded it, and those who have tweeted, and retweeted, etc. It means a lot to us.

It was extra exciting to see "Yellow Tape" holding down the front page of Hype Machine for a couple of hours today, and getting a lot of love.

Check out the link HERE!

If you are kind enough to visit that page, and tweet about the song, it will continue its rise up the Hype Machine Charts, which we would be eternally grateful for. I will also personally thank you with the most romantic tweet-reply you could ever imagine. How's that for incentive?

Also remember that the song is for free, and if you are interested you can download it and share it with whomever you think might dig it as well.

At this very instant there is no download widget on this blog, but soon enough our fearless leader Matt Stine (the brains behind this whole operation) will make this widget appear, as if magically, and you will be free to download to your heart's content.

It will probably appear right below this line:

Much more to come, friends. Much more to come.


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