Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Video for "Yellow Tape."

So we learned with our previous mash-up project, the critically-acclaimed Nightlife in Illinoise mash-up with did with Sufjan Stevens' album "Illinoise," we very much enjoy putting together mash-up videos to go along with our songs. Maybe we just have a deep-rooted desire to get our pants sued off.


Sentence and I made a video for every cut on the mixtape, which we will be releasing gradually after the mixtape officially drops. These are nothing fancy -- just fun little visuals that are a good time to put together. And being that we are both ferocious music-video heads, it only seems right to put visuals to our own stuff, even if we don't have the budget for visually stunning, mind-blowing music videos.

"Yellow Tape" is currently blowing the fuck up, which is so exciting for us (and we couldn't be more appreciative of everyone who has downloaded, tweeted, re-tweeted, Facebooked, told their friends, etc), so the time seemed right to drop this gem on the world.

The video for this particular song was put together by Sentence, and it might be my favorite out of the bunch. It's like "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys, only real. Haha. You'll see what I mean.

Also, if you haven't before, and are feeling generous with your time and affection, "Yellow Tape" is currently charting on both the normal and Twitter charts on Hype Machine -- the link is HERE!
if you feel like helping us out.

I am also going to re-post the download link:

So much love for everyone, and so much more to come.


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