Friday, June 18, 2010

"Yellow Tape" #4 on Hype Machine Charts.

As of my typing this, roughly 5:20 on Friday evening, our song "Yellow Tape" has hit #4 on the Hype Machine Charts. It's got 80 minutes left -- so check it quick if you wanna see it. Haha.

Check it HERE!

We wanted to thank everyone who downloaded the song, everyone who tweeted about it, everyone who "loved" it on Hype Machine. Like I've said repeatedly, it was a big build up to releasing this mixtape, which we are very proud of, and it's incredibly humbling to get a response to the 2nd single like this.

We also obviously want to thank DJ Rob Swift for taking this mixtape and adding his flavor and expertise to it -- not only is the end-result something that everyone in our family is excited about, but it is also a life-long dream Sentence and I can check off our bucket-list. Ha. If you had told me when I was 16 that I would be releasing a mixtape mixed by Rob Swift I would have peed my pants. How hip hop is that?

Did everyone see that US World Cup game? One of the most exciting games I have ever seen. And we were robbed, goddammit. In my head that final score is still 3-2. Also, like I was telling my brother before the game, Donovan is one of those players that lives up to his hype -- his first goal was just outrageous, and his ball to set up the second goal was clinical. Fucking amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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