Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Times

Taking a quick break from promoting our new mixtape...We went and saw our friend Sage Francis rock Webster Hall a few days ago here in NYC and it was pretty epic. I've see Sage play live a handful of times and we've played with him before, but this was probably the best I've ever seen him. Live band, swim trunks, Prayers for Atheists chilling, and an all-audience hug at the end. It was amazing.

I was just reminded of the Life is Easy DVD he put out a few years ago and I wanted to put up a clip that reminds me how much I love hip hop and music in general. This clip was recorded at my house when I lived in Denver a LONG time ago. This was when I produced a track that Sage and Slug rapped on that later appeared on Sage's Sick of Waiting Tables mixtape. It just reminded me about how I got into this music stuff and what it all meant to me. Music was the only thing I had going for me and this was one of the dudes I really looked up and respected sledding on my homie in my front yard. Shit was wild. This clip is actually just a clip of a clip - in the actual DVD he sleds on my boy AES, not just a cardboard box. Just wanted to share this little piece of nostalgia...


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