Monday, August 9, 2010

Breaking Down "Hello" Pt. 4


Tomorrow our brand new EP, Billy Mitchell Presents: Sleigh Bells, comes out. We wanted to throw out the breakdown of one more track from our last album, Hello, before this new album comes out and we have to spend all of our time explaining Bedford Kings to critics.

I decided to break down Two Rows of Teeth, my solo track on Hello. This is actually an updated version of an old solo song over a remix of Them Crooked Vultures' track, New Fang. I wrote Two Rows of Teeth before I was even in Metermaids...back when Swell and I were basically doing solo stuff. I used to always rock the song live and when we started playing shows together and combining sets, I kept doing it. It was always the track we threw over something weird, like Thriller. So when we were coming up with some of the last concepts for Hello, Sean suggested that we throw this old bastard on there. And I was down.

The original song was over a beat by my old friends, Pretty Lights. I haven't kept up with them lately, but apparently they're doing alright for themselves.

And of course, what would a Metermaids song be without a ridiculous and mind-blowing video to accompany it? I put this video together using clips of one of my favorite tree-kicking, glass-fist-punching, empty-pool-fighting screen legends of all time...Jean Claude.


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