Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Billy Mitchell Presents: Sleigh Bells.

So, our summer of free remix projects continues, unabated.

Today saw the release of our five song Sleigh Bells remix EP, which we have titled "Billy Mitchell Presents: Sleigh Bells."

It's five brand new Metermaids songs over some of the rawest music (courtesy of our remixing genius Matt Stine) we have ever rocked over. To me, it seems like the perfect music to knock in the whiiiiiiip this summer. We've been blessed to be received so warmly from the internets with all of our stuff so far, and this project has been no different. A big thank you to all of the bloggers and writers showing us love (and understanding that this EP is tongue in cheek).

And in our continued effort to let people know how fucking great of a producer our boy Matty is, the EP comes complete with all the instrumentals. MC's think you can spit better than me and Six Guns? Prove it. All we ask is that you let us hear the track. There's a drop box right here on our blog. Do it!

<a href="">We Ztay Shynin' (Treats Remix) by Metermaids</a>

Anyway, you can grab this remix two different places:




We hope you dig. If you do, tell your peoples.

So much more to come.


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