Monday, April 13, 2009

What We Are Up To.

It has been almost a year since we released NIGHTLIFE, and around four months since we released NIGHTLIFE IN ILLINOISE, our Sufjan Stevens mash-up album.

We have appeared on countless blogs, had our music downloaded over 50,000 times, sold a bunch of albums and t-shirts, and been celebrated, trashed, etc. All the great things that come along with releasing music in this wonderful and weird internet-heavy world we all live in.

We have had our music written up on Spin.Com and Wired.Com, and have graced the pages of The Village Voice and Playboy -- accomplishments that we are very proud of.

We opened up for Fabolous at the Blender Theater here in NYC, which did not go particularly well for us, and toured briefly with THE LOX, which actually went pretty well. We headlined the Knitting Factory, and had a packed-out residency at Arlene's Grocery.

We have met a number of important entertainment-industry professionals, and had our hearts broken by almost all of them.

In brief, it's been a very busy, difficult, magical year.

Like the song says, though, we keep it moving.

We are currently working on a whole bunch of new material to be released for free over the course of the summer. We are still figuring it out as to what we will release, and how exactly we will release it, but we will be offering a whole lot of new music the world very soon. I will say that the music we are working on currently is the most focused, consistent, exciting stuff we have done. We will be documenting everything along the way, as well, so anyone who is interested can see how we make our music. Maybe you will be fascinated by how our creative process works. Maybe you will think it's boring. Either way, we will be putting it all out there for anyone who wants to check it out. Updates on that end will be coming very soon.

There are some summer tour possibilities that we are still ironing out. In the meantime, we play NYC at least once a month like clockwork. If you haven't, you should come see us live. It's where we do our best work.

We will be updating this blog very frequently, so you should check back often. This will be a place for me and Sentence to share the more personal stuff that comes along with being a rapper in a bubbling rap group.


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