Sunday, April 19, 2009

A recap of our show at Arlene's Grocery 4/16

So, the show at Arlene's on Thursday was rad. In keeping with the "Free Ice Cream" mentality, we offered free PBR to everyone who came out to see us. And man, did people drink a bunch of free beer. It was great.

Since it was our first time playing with the band in a while, we had a short rehearsal before we were heading to the venue. Here is us rehearsing "Bad Girl," one of the new songs that we will be releasing soon. Note how much calmer we look in rehearsal. Ha.

Unfortunately, we left the rehearsal studio at 7:00 to find that my car had been towed. Totally awesome. I had misread the sign out front of the rehearsal studio because I'm the smartest man alive. How perfect is it to be in a group called Metermaids and have your whip towed right before a show? Hahahahaha yeah it wasn't funny at all. Sentence and Miller came with me to the tow pound while the band went to load in. Our set time was at 9:00. We got to the tow pound at 7:30, and the woman behind the glass told me it would be at least an hour before I would be able to get my shit back. The place was packed out with the most miserable assortment of people. This wasn't my first time getting towed, but I swear it will be the last. What an awful, awful experience it is. Anyway, here is me and Sentence at the spot:

Miller and Sentence went back to the venue to make sure everything was running smoothly, and I promised that if my name wasn't called by 8:30 I would dip to Arlene's and worry about it later. On some real shit, though, I wasn't leaving that spot until I got my car back. For whatever reason, my car's well-being means a whole lot to me. Even when I'm parked just a couple of blocks away from my apartment, I regularly walk the dog to it just to make sure it's ok. I'm becoming more and more OCD as I age. And I wouldn't be able to sleep that night, let alone rock a show, knowing that my car was in the impound. Plus, as I mention in the video, I had a peanut butter sandwich in the car that I really wanted. I was hungry son!

They called my name at 8:23, which was tight -- I paid the ridiculous amount to get it back, and then had to wait for a van to take me to my car on the lot, even though it was like fifty yards away from where I was standing. Awesome. And then, as everyone who has ever been towed knows, the real beauty of the whole operation is that after paying the $185 to get your car out of the lot, there is a $115 ticket on your hood once you get there. When I was driving off the lot to hustle to the show, the dude who opens the mechanical arm to let me out told me to have a good night. He must get a kick out of saying that shit to people. Like, I might have an OK night at that point, but no matter what happens it's definitely not going to be good. I love cops though! Keep up the good work!

I made it back to Arlene's and pretty much just went right on stage. The show was dope though. Good crowd, the band was feeling it, and Sentence and I were able to get some energy out. We also got to play a bunch of new stuff for the first time and it went really well. We are super excited to get these songs out to the world.

Here is a new song tentatively titled "Planes Down":

We rocked "Risk You Run" as the encore:

Thank you to everyone who came out. More soon. We keep it moving.

Love, Metermaids.

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