Friday, September 10, 2010

Update...sort of.

New Metermaids show updates? Uh, not yet. But we're working on putting some stuff together and hopefully we'll be seeing you soon. We know a Metermaids show is LONG overdue and we're anxious to get out of the studio and back to playing live. Keep an eye out for some upcoming NYC shows and hopefully some more distant locations...

Metermaids news and generally entertaining information? Well, not really. We've actually been working really hard behind the scenes on some things that we're going to put out there in the near future. Seriously. We also have some new merchandise coming down the pike soon. Good stuff. Really.

Until then, bear with us. And check out this video by Arcade Fire. We know posting other people's videos on your blog is like, uncool in the blog world, bro. However, this video is a new kind of interactive that's worth checking out. You have to go to the link to check it out because you enter information to make it personalized.

Actual awesome stuff coming soon. Stay tuned.

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