Monday, March 1, 2010

Funky Souls.

So I'm sure people have noticed that I stopped my little blog project. I realized that it was becoming a way for me to whine. Ha. Everything moves in cycles, and I don't feel the need to document every up and down. In my head I also always believe that things move quickly, and there would be new and exciting changes every day leading up to the release of this project.

I forgot that we, as Metermaids, tend to take a while to do anything. In this particular case, that's a good thing. There is no reason to rush a project that is so important to us.

What I will share, as it has become official, is that the legendary Rob Swift will be handling all of the cuts on the EP. Which, if you are hip hop heads like we are, is infuckingcredible. Seriously yo. We have been getting his work back to us in the last couple days, and the man is just so good at what he does. So excited for people to eventually hear this shit.

Watch the man handle some business:

Word em up. I will try and update this as much as possible. Also, I noticed that Sentence not only made the blog look much better but posted an awesome video about gangs. So there you go.

Also, me and the lady went up to Providence on a whim to catch the record release party for our friend B. Dolan's new album "Fallen House Sunken City." It was insane. Like, amazing night insane. Got a hug from Sage, copped the album, talked to B. about what it's like to get birthday cake in your ear.

This is the song he closed the night with (with a marching band, no less):

I think his album drops tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and cop it.


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  1. Rob Swift! That's fucking dope. I normally wouldn't use such colorful language here, but now that you guys are in a gang, I suppose anything goes.