Sunday, November 1, 2009

What We've Been Up To.

So, I haven't updated the blog in a while. But for good reason, yo.

We left on Sunday morning to head down to North Carolina for the first of what will be two three-day trips to start recording with 9th Wonder. Now, if you don't know who 9th Wonder is, you really should. To us, he is probably the best hip-hop producer going right now. Some of his work:

Jay-Z Threat

Destiny's Child Girl

Mary J. Blige Good Woman Down (9th won a Grammy with this jammy)

Needless to say, we were crazy intimidated to work with him. I won't speak for Sentence, but I maybe got two hours of sleep the night before we headed to the studio because my mind would not stop racing.

Here's what heads need to know about 9th: dude is a stone cold genius. Like, straight-up-lights-out musical genius steelo. He will sit down with a stack of records, a turntable, and an MPC, and make the illest beat you've ever heard in under ten minutes. Literally. We would be feverishly trying to write to a beat and he would already be done with the next one. And every single thing he came up with was insane. He is also one of the nicest people we have met in this hip hop world. And he works as a real producer -- he hears what flows will work, different ways to deliver lines, the whole nine. It's crazy.

His style is different from what we are used to, for sure. 9th's beats have that classic, laid-back style to them, and Metermaids has always been about that raw energy -- not so much MC'ing as just yelling and getting wild. But we (because 9th is a damn genius) found where our styles can meet and sound dope.

We got mad videos and pictures of the experience, which hopefully we can put together and throw up soon. We left North Carolina on Wednesday night having recorded five songs in three days. Three of the songs we did are definite keepers, and definitely some of the best music we have ever been a part of. We got back into Brooklyn at 4:30 Thursday morning and were both at work that day. This indie-rap life is nothing if it ain't glamorous.

So, yeah. The plan is to head back to NC next Monday through Wednesday again to finish up everything. Lots of exciting stuff going on right now. And I will stay updating the blog more regularly.


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