Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, Yeah.

I promised I would do a better job of updating this, and then promptly didn't update it for two weeks, the longest gap I've left since we started the blog.


I wish I could claim it's because I have been super busy. But that is not true. I think we have been kind of recuperating after a difficult, but wonderful, stretch. We got back from North Carolina on the 12th, having finished up the tracking for our upcoming five song EP produced by 9th Wonder. The experience was truly a dream come true -- 9th, beyond being one of the nicest cats we have met in the game, is so fucking good at what he does that it's outrageous. I told him when we were down there that if producers were able to see his process and how quickly he can make the illest beat you've ever heard there would be a lot of producers hanging up their MPC's. For reals.

So we ended up taking a crack at around eight songs, and whittled those down to the five that we are keeping. Now 9th is putting the finishing touches on the tracks, and once he's done with that we will be ready to mix. The EP is a perfect meeting point between our two styles -- it's got the same sort of aggressive, rock-y feel we have been cultivating, but 9th brings that soul to it. We couldn't be happier with it. I don't want to reveal too many details about it, because we be trying to build some excitement ova heeeeya. Nahmean?

Big big sheeeeiot coming down the pike. We'll be in Providence with Prayers for Atheists Dec. 9th, and will be bringing them back to NYC on Dec. 12th.


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