Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday TV Sucks.

When you have basic cable.

We got the first cut of our video for Matchbooks today from Tim, and it looks really good. We are going to do a little more shooting on Saturday in Williamsburg -- originally we thought it would be a funny little video, but once we saw the first cut we realized it could actually be pretty worthwhile too. What a world!

Also, the trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are" looks really fucking cool. Spike Jonze yo. A while back, when we were on tour and in Spokane, we stayed with our good friend Locke, who also happens to be a dope rapper. He had a video compilation of all the music videos that Spike Jonze had done, and it was incredible. I forgot how incredible the video for "Sabotage" is. Well, remember:


And in the trailer they keep playing that Arcade Fire song "Wake Up" which makes me think of my favorite live performance I've ever seen (on the internet). This video makes me happy to be alive.

We used to want to make music like Arcade Fire. Now we want to make music like The Kinks. Or The Ramones. Something like that. Life is about evolving. Or tempering expectations. Something like that.


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