Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rock the Block Fest Video Recap.

Sorry I have been lax in updating the blog. I will step my game up.

Anyway, the Rock the Block Fest was fucking unbelievable. Seriously. We crushed it, the new homey NSR crushed it, and Styles tore the fucking place down. I haven't gone that crazy at a show in a long time. He brought out the whole Lox, and Pharoahe showed up outside when me and Sentence were smoking butts post-set.

It was a truly amazing night. Now, once again thanks to the coolest girl in the world Natty Night, we can present to you our set in its entirety:

1. Blackout, Baby

2. Risk You Run

3. Shades Off

4. Funk Terrorist

5. Thriller vs. Two Rows of Teeth

6. Planes Down

Much love Natty. Much love to everyone who came out. Much love to NSR and Styles.

Big conference call tomorrow. Big moves being made. More soon.

Love, Metermaids.

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