Friday, August 21, 2009

Not To Over-Do This Whole Thing...

So Turn the Lights Out has over 11,000 views on Myspace right now. Crazy, crazy. And we have made a bunch of new friends, etc. It's great.

The EP is coming up next, obviously. I have been talking about it for months. It was originally supposed to come out June 15th. Haha. Metermaids has never been about punctuality, ever.

Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have confirmed, on our end, some pretty big news. I doubt I will share it right away, though, because I like surprises, and I assume everyone else does too.

But, yeah. For some reason the embedding is disabled on the Myspace version of the video, so I'll post the YouTube version here. If for whatever reason people have beef with Myspace and refuse to go to the site they can still see it.

Turn the Lights Out


And remember, you can download both the song and the instrumental for free HERE!

It needs to cool down in NYC, yo. For real.

Love, Metermaids.

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