Saturday, May 2, 2009

Me and a Bunch of Friends on the Radio.

Yesterday evening I went over the Hoboken to rock at WMFU with the greatest radio DJ of all time Billy Jam. I'm not kidding. Billy Jam is seriously the greatest radio host/dj of all time. And he's mad supportive of our scene here in NYC, which makes him even better in my mind.

Anyway, I bumped into Bisc right outside the PATH station and we watched everybody running through the rain. It was hilarious. Then Broke showed up and we rode the train into Hoboken.

WFMU puts up a podcast of each show -- so if you want to listen to me, Broke, Bisc, and Homeboy Sandman kick funny freestyles and goof off on the radio go here:

It was a lot of fun.

And the show at Europa was mad fun too. I'll post more about that later.

Love, Metermaids.

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