Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shows a comin'

It's a new year and a brand new day. As promised, we plan to hit the ground running in twenty eleven. We've been busy in the studio and in the blizzardy depths of the brooklyn winter devising an elaborate plan to reemerge with a heavy load of new music, shows, and merchandise for the unsuspecting public. The ball is just now starting to roll and from here it's gonna barrel down on this year like Indiana Jones. So let's begin...First with a couple of shows coming up:

If you haven't been to a Doin' Alright show yet, it's time to check one out. Our homies Chronikill, Deathrow Tull, Coole High and others will be there with us to show the Bowery a good time. These shows always make for a great night. Come hang out with us. You can buy your tickets here in advance.

On February 10th, our friend and legendary spoken word & rap mammoth, B Dolan will be kicking off his Church of Love and Ruin tour at the Studio at Webster Hall with Metermaids. This will be menacing. Don't miss out. Get your tickets early:

We'll be seeing a lot of each other this year.

Holler at your bad news bears.

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