Monday, June 1, 2009

First EP Almost Finished, and Guido Videos.

So, Sentence and I went to the studio today and finished another song for the first free EP of the summer, which we are titling "Smash Smash Bang."

That means the tracking for the EP is done, with the exception of one song, for which we are waiting on a verse from a very special guest, which we are very excited about.

There will be five songs on all of these EP's. On "Smash Smash Bang" there is the quietest song we have ever done with the four loudest, sloppiest, wildest songs we have ever done. I could not be more excited to get this out to the world and see what everyone thinks.

It is much different from NIGHTLIFE, and a lot closer to what we sound like live. If you want to know what we sound like live, you can download a free live EP (along with all our other released material, for free) at

Anyway, in celebration of being about ready to release our little monster into the world, I am posting some of my favorite guido videos.


And the remix...

Love, Metermaids.

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